The 33 years old Swiss climber Nina Caprez was in Bucharest for 2 days in February, for her last working trip of the winter – a series of outdoor and multi-pitch climbing workshops. After it was over she went home to Switzerland, planing that she’d go back to Spain where she had climbed for a few weeks in Abella de la Conca before coming to Romania. Only a short while later though, she too was put off like so many of us by the new epidemics. She took it gladly: ‘This time off has been needed and makes room for other things’. That is, for introspection, and thinking and writing about her emotions, rather than climbing adventures, as she says on her blog.

So we took the opportunity to speak to her again, and ask a few questions on her climbing philosophy.

Nina, where did you learn to climb?

I learned to climb at a youth camp organized by the Swiss Alpine Club. My very first time was on a small cliff in Switzerland, but my second time climbing was in southern France.  For a week!

What was it that you considered the most difficult when you started climbing?

The start itself was the hardest. Then to be able to trust the gear. It took a while.

When climbing, what is the most important factor?

There are two factors: climbing with the hearth and listen to your inner voice.

What are 3 essential factors in multi-pitch climbing?

Skills, endurance, courage.

When planning an alpine multi-pitch route, what are the steps to take?

Having the right partner, picking up the line you chose, accepting that you could bail the first time.

Name three things you would want to have with you on a long alpine climb.

A big smile, the right gear, and a partner I can relay on.

Who had the biggest influence on you as a climber?

Giovanni Quirici (n.r. Swiss alpinist Giovanni Quirici fell to his death on 12 August 2011 while ascending the North Face of the Eiger, at only 33).

Any plans?

For now, just taking a step back during this Corona off time.

Short quiz:

  • All necessary equipment, or strictly necessary? All necessary
  • Safe and sure, or new and risky? Safe and new!😉
  • Competition, or pleasure? Both
  • Hard training, or native power? Native strength
  • Solo, or with a partner? With a partner
  • Plan, or inspiration? Both of them
  • Leaps, or small steps to big goals? Just both
  • Luck, or merit? Both!
And one final one: a few words on the events in Bucharest.
I felt great and very welcome there; it was a great opportunity to share!