CLIMBING TALKS #4 – Interview with Arno Ilgner

Arno Ilgner is the author of the famous The Rock Warrior's Way and Espresso Lessons: From the Rock Warrior's Way books on mental training, a comprehensive mental training program for learning how to focus your mental resources during a challenging climb, and step-by-step guidance on motivation analysis, information gathering, risk assessment, mental focus, and deliberate [...]

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CLIMBING TALKS #3 – Interview with Talo Martin

Talo Martín. 'Slabucator. Climber, photographer & filmmaker. Pedriza Boulder 1864 author'. This is how the Spaniard describes himself on his Instagram profile. Talo runs Muerdago Films, and for the past 10 years he's been doing film and photography projects with and for all kind of outdoor and climbing big brands. One of his objectives [...]

CLIMBING TALKS #2 – Interview with Nina Caprez

The 33 years old Swiss climber Nina Caprez was in Bucharest for 2 days in February, for her last working trip of the winter - a series of outdoor and multi-pitch climbing workshops. After it was over she went home to Switzerland, planing that she'd go back to Spain where she had climbed for [...]

CLIMBING TALKS #1 – Interview with Pete Whittaker

Pete Whittaker, the British that took America by storm alongside his climbing partner Tom Randall, was in Bucharest for 3 days in February 2020, for a presentation and a series of workshops on crack climbing. At the end, we had a short talk with him, asking him a few questions about his philosophy on [...]

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