We are happy to be able to launch now, in December 2019, the Blue Peregrine series of educational sporting events. We believe in their value and the value of what our guests can offer to those who decide to participate: a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge about rock climbing and other specialized mountain sports.

Your decision to participate proves that this conviction is justified. The collection of individual participation fees for each event helps us to cover the costs of these events and the contracted services and the purchased goods in order for these events to be conducted at a high quality level.

In case of registering to Blue Peregrine events using one of our communication channels available to you (website contact form, email, Facebook Messenger, Facebook scheduling service), we will send the Services invoice to your email address communicated to us. Once this is paid, you will receive the confirmation of your registration by email.


Under the European legislation in force, however, you have the right to withdraw your participation from our events, for whatever reason and without justification.

If you decide not to participate before payment of the fee according to our prior communication and the invoice received from us, the cancellation of this participation will be made when we acknowledge your desire.

If you decide to stop participating, but you have already made the payment following our prior communication and based on the invoice we sent you, you can announce your withdrawal within 14 days from the time it was made, and you will receive your money back. However we won’t return your money if your request comes later than 5 working days prior the start of the event.

Example: If your payment of the participation fee is made on the 14th of January, you have the right to announce your withdrawal until January 28th, and the amount paid will be returned to you in full in the account from which you made the payment.

Note: Starting with the 15th day after you have made the payment, according to the invoice received from us, your request of withdrawal/cancellation will be recorded, but the amount paid will not be refunded.

We hope, however, that you will consider these events to be a unique opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge from world-class experts, and you will decide to stay with us until the end of the event you registered for.


Thank you.

Blue Peregrine team